About Company

NSK is a leading manufacturing company from Japan founded in 1930 which offers dental handpieces as well as a wide range of dental equipments. To protect the beautiful teeth all over the world, NSK has been providing trustworthy and high-precision products at reasonable prices. Having its manufacturing unit in Kanuma-Japan, NSK supplies its range of products globally and has been recognised as a very well-known brand throughout the world. NSK has always worked together with dental healthcare professionals and partners to create success in its mission.

NSK has a wide range of products which includes Handpieces, Clinical micromotors, Oral hygiene products, Endodontic motors, Surgical units as well as Laboratory equipments. Well known for its high precision, quality & durability, all NSK products are being welcomed and used  by dental professionals all over the world. With a wide network of offices & distributors, NSK has managed to reach all the dentists worldwide offering them its class products & after sales services. 


NSK has achieved greater precision in dental treatment by minimizing noise and vibration to the best of its ability. Creating highly accurate contra-angles requires cutting-edge, high-precision machining technology and many years of technical experience. NSK products are assembled with accuracy at micron levels by skilled craftsmen who ensure quality is prioritised through their finely honed senses and skills. NSK constantly strives to achieve world-leading levels of accuracy.

NSK has also created a great impact in the Surgical & Implant sector by offering high class Micromotor units. For example, the newly launched Surgic AP2 micromotor with a wireless foot control provides solid performance for surgical and implant procedures. Designed specifically for oral and implant surgery, Surgic AP2 delivers all the power and performance which is ever needed for these procedures. With a speed range of 200-40000 rpm together with a 80N torque, Surgic AP2 offers the flexibility as fast response required for variety of surgical procedures.  NSK is actively engaged in research and development of new products to address global customer needs in a timely manner. No matter what the customer needs and challenges may be, NSK is committed to listening to customers voice and answer through the creation of new products and quality services. This strong relationship between NSK & dental professionals is bound to get more stronger for years to come.

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