About Company

Katara Dental is a leading Dental Laboratory in India. With ultramodern facilities in Pune and New Delhi, staffed by over 120 dedicated professionals, Katara Dental is committed to delivering innovative dental technology and implant solutions.

In the year 2004, Katara Dental began it’s trading operations after it was appointed as the authorised and exclusive distribution partner for BioHorizons Implant Systems, Inc, USA for India. Subsequently, Katara Dental has grown BioHorizons to one of the most sold and respected Implant systems in the country. 

In 2017, Katara Dental continued its tradition of innovation by becoming the exclusive distribution partner for other pioneering companies, including Versah, LLC USA, known for their Densah bur technology, and Integrated Diagnostics, the manufacturers of the PenguinRFA ISQ Device, deepening their focus on implant dentistry.

Katara Dental's unwavering commitment to quality and service, coupled with a dedication to providing a safe and comfortable workplace, aims to put smiles back on the faces of both patients and doctors alike.

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