About Company

Since 1974, bredent has taken a clear position in the dental market: bredent products efficiently assist dental technicians with high-grade, aesthetic and periodontal hygienic dentures. bredent was always committed to optimising products and work processes – and always with the patient’s well-being in mind.

Today – almost 50 years later – there is the bredent group, which consists of the three companies. bredent, Dental Concept Systems (DCS) and bredent medical. The benefit for our customers lies in the coordinated and well thought-out, synergetic solutions from dental technicians (bredent) to the high-tech mechanical engineering industry (DCS) and technology-leading medical technology – including state-of-the-art prophylaxis and state-of-the-art implant and prosthetics (bredent medical).

The bredent group’s corporate values are that we are partner-orientedtrend-setting and efficient.

WE ARE ONE is the statement the bredent group uses to describe the benefits mentioned above to customers.

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